Hang on His every word

light 2Captain Obvious checking in….The Bible is like no other piece of literature ever written.  The subject matter and implications to those that believe (and those that don’t), alone make it the most important collection of the written word available to mankind.  Not to mention the historical insight and source for most wisdom we benefit from today, thousands of years after being written.  Now, I am sure that any author will tell you that there are certain words, or phrases, that they may ponder for hours, all in the hopes of putting the reader inside their head.  Not easy, considering all of the other stuff we have up there.  So here we are trying to get inside of God’s head, the mind of the all loving, all powerful, all everything, creator of all that we know and all that we have no clue….As a young Keanu Reeves would say,  ‘Whoa.’

So, I am just learning now that I should take the time to read each word very carefully, and with the knowledge that, this is something that my God and Creator would like me to understand.  I should consider it and take it to heart, as much as I may a summons to appear before a Grand Jury, or an IRS audit, but a lot more important.  One example came to mind when I heard a pastor recently use a phrase from Genesis that most people are familiar with regarding God’s impression of His creation:  “And God saw that it was very good.”  Genesis 1:31

Such a simple little phrase, “And God saw that it was very good.”   God looks at six ‘days’ of His work and anoints it as very good….everything…every last thing without exception was very good when He created it – no exclusions.  There is no verse 32 that lists things like tornadoes, or quick sand, or disease because none of that was a result of God’s work.  Because if we are to accept every word from God to be true, then how else would you explain that everything created by God is very good.  So then from where do these bad things come?  Well, if you begin to see these things as the result of the absence of God it starts to make sense.

God is the singular source – of life, of light, of order, of love.  Without God there are none of these.  It stands to reason that when God was firmly in the center of His creation and we were walking with Him side by side, these were the things that dominated our world and our world was indeed very good. However, once we began to exercise our independence from God and move away from this source and influence, we also become separated from the byproducts of that relationship.  So instead of life we get decay, disease and death.  Instead of light we get darkness (For what else is darkness but the absence of light?  It’s not like you can add dark to light.  If you actually want dark, you can only remove yourself from the source of light.   That in itself was a great revelation to me, and screams out what is the true nature our universe.)  Instead of order we get chaos – think of our weather anomalies and natural disasters.  Instead of love we get indifference.  Notice I did not say that hate was the direct result of no love.  Without love we are first indifferent – without care or concern – which breeds ignorance, which breeds fear, which breeds distrust, which leads to exclusion and left unattended can become hate.

The good news is that our source for all that is very good is still around.  God has not gone anywhere.  It is we who have moved.  And as we have moved away from our source, so can we move toward that source again and all of the wonderful benefits He provides.  Now, we have this wonderful fire pit in our yard that we get to use during the cooler months.  It makes a great fire and really does keep you warm, as long as you are within 6 feet of it.  But as soon as you wander beyond that sphere of influence the heat is gone and you are left out in the cold…and take it from me, my friends, that is in not very good when your blood is thin and hands are cold.

So, let’s take each and every word that God has brought forth in His Word and give it the consideration it is due.  Spend time in His Word, study it and ask for His guidance in knowing what is in His heart.  It will make all the difference, as you will come to see…RT

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