Sammy on my mind

When I was about 10 my sister and I adopted a street cat and cared for him.  Since he wasn’t allowed in our house (My mother was not a big fan of pets.) we would let him stay in a shed we had in our yard when the Northeast weather … Continue reading

Hang on His every word

Captain Obvious checking in….The Bible is like no other piece of literature ever written.  The subject matter and implications to those that believe (and those that don’t), alone make it the most important collection of the written word available to mankind.  Not to mention the historical insight and source for … Continue reading

The Unforgivable Sin

This week masked gunmen entered the offices of a French magazine and brutality executed 12 persons.  As they were murdering these people they shouted, “Allahu akbar” (“God is Greatest”).  As Christians we are taught that once we except Christ as our Lord and Savior that our sins – past present … Continue reading