The Angels Among Us

  Is it just coincidence that my belief in coincidence has diminished as my trust in God has increased? I have found that once I accepted salvation, I felt a greater desire to alienate myself from ‘this world’.  Not so much the physical earth, which God created and is beautiful, … Continue reading

A new 20/20

I met two people today – both elderly and both terminally ill. They were both comfortable, and in no apparent physical pain and very much aware of everything going on around them.  Both also seemed to be at peace – they understood what was before them.  They were not bitter or … Continue reading

Quandary Resolved

     For most of my adult life I faced a quandary most of us have faced.  At some point in our lives we have been asked for a hand-out by a street person, homeless person or pan-handler.  I think that I have gone through all of the responses.  Earlier … Continue reading