Breaking God’s Heart

I have to believe that a lot of us are wondering what the heck is going on with this world. I was prompted by a friend’s post today to wonder the same, and what God must think as He / She looks upon us we seemingly self-destruct (again). I immediately defaulted to my go to metaphor of God as a loving parent, because I can relate to that the best. Is God somehow furring His brow, shaking His head, or maybe even wagging His finger at us all? I thought a little more and was reminded how this all started.

I have come to believe the essence of God is Love. And that from that infinite source of Love He begat the universe and His ultimate creation, mankind. As such, He, as Love, desired to commune in a loving relationship with each of His creations. He also understood that in order to have any real mutual loving relationship, free will was necessary. And, with free will, came also the choice to act outside of His will for us and so forfeit the peace and happiness He intends for ALL of His children. That’s the risk with free will, and the reason every parent and child knows, you can’t simply demand that someone love you.

So, along these lines comes the concept of accountability. What then would God be accountable for to us, His creations? Well, He’s God, supreme and everlasting, and answers to no one. But take a moment and pretend that He’s simply a perfect parent. What would He be accountable for in a human sense?  Let’s see. He created a perfect environment for us to live and thrive. He gave us everything we needed to be successful and happy. He provided the opportunity for companionship and relationship with each other. And even when we messed all that up, He provided His very Son as a sacrifice just so that we would still be able to be part of His original plan. He’s done his part and anything negative that has come out of the relationship is our doing. 

Now how are we accountable to God? Where do I begin considering our very being is a result of His speaking us into existence and then providing everything else we needed to be happy? How many parents out there have ever said to their child, “All I ever wanted for you is to be happy?” So, it is with God. Each time one of His beloved children turns his back on Him and forsakes His promises, His heart is broken. (Broken, in the sense that Jesus, God made man, certainly knows what a broken heart for humanity is, as it caused Him to trade places for each of us on the cross.) Would you knowingly want to break your mom’s or dad’s heart? We should consider that in everything we do, and we just might get the change we all are calling for in our society.

As far as those who presently do not believe in God, it does not change the God side of the relationship. I believe just like a child that runs away from home – the relationship still exists. God’s heart breaks for all His ‘lost’ children, those who are home and those on the road, because God knows what we could ALL have if we would just try it His way. And when you truly get into that kind of one to one relationship with God, you will find your heart breaks for those who are not…not yet at least!

(Note: I’m not necessarily promoting any one type of religion or church so much as simply a relationship with God. What would that world look like? Gotta be better than what we’ve made it into right now I would think.)

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