Water: nature’s holy trinity

Water – drinking it is only second to breathing air as necessary for human life.  The earth is covered in water over 70% of its surface.  Our body largely consists of water.  In the womb we are suspended in water.  When we are baptized, we emerge from water, re-born.  Water is the … Continue reading

Christ-Eye View

  So there is this incredible model in the Israeli National Museum in Jerusalem.  It is a model of the city during the Roman occupation and the time of Jesus Christ.  It is very realistic and built so that you are looking slightly down on it which enables you to … Continue reading

A view from on high

There are many (I’m  not sure how many, but a lot.) of biblical events that take place on a mountain, or a hill, or some precipice.  (Think about that for a second and recall one…..)  And normally it is a place where God and man talk.  The mind of man … Continue reading