A Good Soul

A couple of years ago soon after our son had graduated ASU with a degree in graphic design, we had a talk.  It seemed that he was concerned about making the right career decision (When I got out of school, my only concern was how much someone might decide to … Continue reading

Be a Good Do-bee

I was cruising through some playlists last week and came across a newer version of the Doobies doing Jesus is Just Alright.  Great song all around – really showcases the individual talents of the band members…When I watched the older version which was contemporary with the song’s release back in … Continue reading

Put on that collar

A few of my friends have said that I should be a priest. Ha!  Well, then maybe a deacon.   But, if you look up definitions of ‘priest’ you get stuff like:   A person having the authority to perform and administer religious rite, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God.  And, … Continue reading

A Divine Playlist

When my brother passed away a few years back, we played some Steely Dan music at his wake.  He was a big fan and I think it helped the friends and family that knew this about him.  It got me to thinking at the time about what kind of music … Continue reading