Take My Life…

To walk out of God’s will is to step into nowhere. – CS Lewis We are taught from an early age the importance of free will and our ‘right to choose’.  But, once you have accepted Christ into your heart things start changing, and for the better.  There soon comes a … Continue reading

The Cause for Earthly Suffering

A little over three years ago, our brother, Guy, died after a two year struggle with cancer.  It was a heart-breaking experience.  During that time, it was extremely difficult to reconcile a loving God with such a tragic experience.  It still is today.  Each day literally millions of people will … Continue reading

All of me

Recently I did something that I should not have.  It was improper, immoral and something for which I am remorseful.  It came out of the blue and belies most of the Christian teachings that I strive to live.  Now some would say, if they knew what it was, that it’s not … Continue reading