Tick Tock – God and Time

 An objection that many non-believers offer as defense for their ‘no-god’ position has to do the following:  How is it possible for a single God to devote Himself to each believer’s needs simultaneously with equal attention?  How is it possible, as St. Augustine said, for God to love each of … Continue reading

Mo’ music

A friend recently convinced me to listen to mo’ music…music that would be a positive background to my day.  And I’m like a parrot once I get a tune in my head.  This one has been in there for a couple of weeks.  I love the words and music equally … Continue reading

We Have a Winner!

As a thank you to our community, we decided to enter all of our early registrants in a drawing for a new Kindle Fire HD. Drumroll please… Congratulations Karenargo! You’re the winner of the new 7″ tablet from Amazon!–a choice device for studying the Word and staying current with Holyfolk. … Continue reading

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar – I haven’t seen this entire performance live or film, but I know several of the songs from this play.  I particularly love this performance by Carl Anderson (playing Judas) – especially his entrance.  But the entire scene is amazing – the dancing, the singers, the set, the … Continue reading

Praise God!

Submitted by darlenethebean and dedicated to the survivors of Hurricane Sandy: When I became a real Bible student, I adapted prayer in my daily life. Over the years, prayer took many forms, but it morphed into sometimes just a bunch of requests with a brief thank you. One day I … Continue reading