Sex? Sex! sex.

The bible is full of stories about sex and violence…really.  It’s more than likely one of the reasons that we hear the same readings over and over again in church.  My bible is over 1500 pages long and with that many pages you really shouldn’t be repeating readings as often … Continue reading

Lent: Why bother…

What? Blasphemy!  He’s lost his mind!  Satan has gotten to him!  Why bother with Lent?  How dare he! OK people, simmer down.  Give a brother a moment to explain.  If all Lent has become for you is not eating ice cream for forty days then I do say, why bother?  … Continue reading

The Fever

As I write this, the Powerball jackpot for this Wednesday night was announced to be 1.3 billion dollars, or over 800 million in cash – crazy, stupid numbers.  The odds are that there will be a winner this week, and a couple of things that came to mind.  First, why such … Continue reading

Three Sides to Every Story

Like you, I have been thinking about all of this horrible terror that has been occurring around the world.  My first thought was how can there be such a dramatic difference in my understanding of God and that of the people committing these heinous atrocities.  I mean there is only … Continue reading