Lent: Why bother…

What? Blasphemy!  He’s lost his mind!  Satan has gotten to him!  Why bother with Lent?  How dare he! OK people, simmer down.  Give a brother a moment to explain.  If all Lent has become for you is not eating ice cream for forty days then I do say, why bother?  … Continue reading

Annual Christmas Rant

There is a popular saying that you hear this time of year, ‘Keep the Christ in Christmas’.  To me, it is just one of those sayings that sounds right.  It makes sense and is hard to argue against, like, ‘Do unto others as you would have done to you.’  Truth.  … Continue reading

Hang on His every word

Captain Obvious checking in….The Bible is like no other piece of literature ever written.  The subject matter and implications to those that believe (and those that don’t), alone make it the most important collection of the written word available to mankind.  Not to mention the historical insight and source for … Continue reading

The Bible is not…

A few weeks ago I was on Christian blog where one of the posts was from a person looking for evidence that the Bible was indeed just a collection of interesting stories and not the actual word of God.  This person was looking for confirmation of several possible contradictions within … Continue reading

Put on that collar

A few of my friends have said that I should be a priest. Ha!  Well, then maybe a deacon.   But, if you look up definitions of ‘priest’ you get stuff like:   A person having the authority to perform and administer religious rite, especially as a mediatory agent between humans and God.  And, … Continue reading