Hearts and Minds (and guns)

THE PROBLEM IS NOT GUNS. The problem is EVIL. Mankind has spent its long bloody history murdering one another from the very beginning, and, for the large majority of that time, without guns. (Think about Cain and Abel) I am not a gun owner, but if a gun somehow gives you peace of mind, then I’m OK with that.

The issue with Evil is that it will never be legislated out of our society. We can take all sorts of precautions, and pass all types of laws, but it should be clear by now that none of that works. Evil’s purpose is to create conflict, division, fear, and ignorance, and it’s pretty good at it. And sadly, this world is where Evil resides.

Well, it actually resides in our very own hearts and minds, when we succumb to it’s trickery. (You know it.)

But all is NOT lost. We have a choice. TRUE lasting change will come out of those same hearts and minds when we acknowledge each other as brothers and sisters, and, as the children of the one true Creator, God. How we do this is up for discussion. BUT, in my personal opinion, the way NOT to do this is to remove God from our society, schools, workplaces, entertainment, etc. I’m NOT talking about religion; I’m talking about GOD, the true God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph. The God that loves us all so much that “he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” If you decide to respond, whether in your head or on this post, please read Chapter 5 from the Gospel of Matthew, and consider the world in that context. There is nothing that I have come across that is worth more than the actual words of the Maker who created us all. (Think of it as an Instruction Manual.)

Finally, may God embrace the souls of those lost this week in Texas, and may Comfort be at the side of those who grieve their loss.

4 thoughts on “Hearts and Minds (and guns)

  1. I can’t even imagine the heart ache and grief the parents of those
    Innocent babies are suffering through. And the fear and horror those little ones experienced in their final moments. As soon as I heard this terrible news, all I could do was pray “Dear God, be with those parents” How can evil be so EVIL! WHY??? WHY???

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