Buddy System

I went to a seminar this week about ergonomics and the importance of balancing the amount of time we spend in our day sitting, standing and basically moving.  The statistics were quite alarming.  Some of this you all may know but here are a few of the ones I wrote … Continue reading

Us and Them

Inspired by my niece Jennifer Martinez, Pink Floyd and God: At what point did ‘us’ become ‘them’?  Think about that for a moment.  Unless you’re a twin, the large majority of us begin life in our mother’s womb, all alone, no one there to hang out with.  All we know … Continue reading

The God Side of Independence Day

Two hundred and forty-one years ago today a small, but committed group of our fore-fathers (and fore-mothers) got together and determined that they were not going to take it anymore.  They had reached a point where they were willing to risk their ‘Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor’ in order to … Continue reading