Born of a desire to turn the discussion back to God, Holyfolk is a community of believers with the following in common:
  • Belief that there is a God that knows each one of us
  • Eagerness to learn more about our God
  • Willingness to share thoughts and beliefs about God
  • Desire to learn what God’s will is for our lives here on earth
  • Belief that now is the time to turn our focus back to God’s will
  • Readiness to help others and be helped to do so

Our purpose is to promote an understanding that we are all God’s people and therefore, we are all indeed holy.  We believe that with God’s help and the help of one another we can develop a very strong and personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ.  Thankfully, more comprehensive and professionally maintained blogs and websites with this purpose exist, but our site is created initially with a specific group of people in mind.  People whom we know already and have been with us on our own journey, and who have inspired us to formalize to some degree our discussion. Our hope is that this site will allow us to better serve one another as we build up our spiritual foundation.  Of course, ultimately we rely on God’s will to determine what will come from any efforts we make here.

Our aim is to enable members to participate at the level that they choose.  You may visit and observe, you can comment on what you see, and even make posts.  We only ask that any participation be sparked by a positive response to the question, “how would this help either me or someone else to move closer to God?’   Details about participation are included at the time of registration, and we have included several categories above into which we may take our conversation – literature, quotes, images, and music.  Please also note that we have no other intentions except for those stated here.  We will not use any of the information that you may provide for any purpose other than the administration of this site.  You will not see any advertisements or solicitations other than those associated with the resource links that we have included.  This is a not for profit enterprise strictly for the use of its members and of course God’s purpose.  With all that said, we wish you the true peace that can only come from knowing the one true God.