Screw ‘Society’

Society tells us that it’s not polite to talk about God when you are with family and friends. Why is that?  What could possibly be more interesting than how we will spend eternity? We spend more time talking about our next vacation, the kids’ dental hygiene, or the crap on … Continue reading

We Are Family

Morning has Broken (click this link) If we spent as much energy focusing on what binds us rather than what separates us, Christians, Jews and Muslims would realize that we have much more in common than not.  This song is a reminder that we all share the same Father: Morning … Continue reading

Old Enough

One mistake most of us make is to talk to young people as if they can’t comprehend the deep stuff like God and a relationship with Christ, when in reality they are around the same age as Mary when she became the mother of Jesus, and David when he slew … Continue reading