Lent: Why bother…

What? Blasphemy!  He’s lost his mind!  Satan has gotten to him!  Why bother with Lent?  How dare he! OK people, simmer down.  Give a brother a moment to explain.  If all Lent has become for you is not eating ice cream for forty days then I do say, why bother?  … Continue reading

Three Sides to Every Story

Like you, I have been thinking about all of this horrible terror that has been occurring around the world.  My first thought was how can there be such a dramatic difference in my understanding of God and that of the people committing these heinous atrocities.  I mean there is only … Continue reading

Rendering unto Caesar

I found myself watching the latest Republican debate a couple of weeks ago.  Once I got beyond the spectacle of it all, and all of the apparent agendas of both the moderators and the candidates, I was struck with one thing: these people are pretty smart!  I mean to say … Continue reading

Generation Termination

We recently moved outside of our parish.  We love that parish – St Pat’s in Scottsdale.  We moved knowing that we would remain connected to it one way or another for the rest of our lives.  But God has plans for each of us that go beyond what we think … Continue reading

JEE-zuss Kryst

Urban Dictionary is a website where you can see or create new words, phrases and definitions mostly pop culture type of stuff.  For instance, today’s top phrase is ‘body by Mattel’ defined as a ‘female that is more plastic than human’.  So, it is a place where people can express … Continue reading