When I die…

when I dieA father of a friend of mine passed away very recently. I had the privilege of attending the service celebrating his life. It got me to think about my own mortal life.  And possibly what might be said of it.  And, of course, what the thoughts of those I would be leaving behind might be.  All this, I thought, not so much for my own concern, but more so for theirs.  I am sure that most of us would like our loved ones to be comforted and not overly distraught when we are gone from this earth. It hurts me even now to think that someone might be sad or distressed when I die. So, for anyone that, one day, may possibly be affected by my passing I offer these thoughts to comfort you:

I died knowing that I was loved by God as if I were His only child.  I died knowing that my life was important to Him.  I died without fear or regret.  I knew that my eternal future was secure in the hands of the one that created me.  I died accepting whatever gift of time on this earth I had knowing that each day was just that – a gift to use wisely.  I died so grateful to have met so many gifted and good souls – angels sent to guide me on my way.  I died with a prayer of thanks on my lips for the life I had, the great love with which I was blessed, and the joy I was given.  I died knowing that I would be born again into the peace and communion for which I had been created.  Finally, I died knowing that you would be with me too someday. Regardless of what you may believe, or think you believe now, God has a plan for you, too. And, God’s plan is not something that can be dismissed, not even by our own ignorant beliefs.  I died knowing that God’s love for you is relentless, whether you feel likewise or not. I died knowing your salvation is promised just like mine if you only accept it. I died at peace.

So, weep if you must, but don’t weep hard and don’t weep long, and don’t weep just yet – because I’m still here!  Ha!

Don’t be dismayed at good-byes…..A farewell is necessary before you can meet again…..And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends…..Richard Bach

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