Sex? Sex! sex.

The bible is full of stories about sex and violence…really.  It’s more than likely one of the reasons that we hear the same readings over and over again in church.  My bible is over 1500 pages long and with that many pages you really shouldn’t be repeating readings as often … Continue reading

Lent: Why bother…

What? Blasphemy!  He’s lost his mind!  Satan has gotten to him!  Why bother with Lent?  How dare he! OK people, simmer down.  Give a brother a moment to explain.  If all Lent has become for you is not eating ice cream for forty days then I do say, why bother?  … Continue reading

For Mom

After a very full life of almost 94 years our mom passed away on September 8.  It was a life like many others, filled with good health, love, family and for the most part, happiness.  It also had its share of sorrows, and heartache, and despair.  It was, in the … Continue reading

JEE-zuss Kryst

Urban Dictionary is a website where you can see or create new words, phrases and definitions mostly pop culture type of stuff.  For instance, today’s top phrase is ‘body by Mattel’ defined as a ‘female that is more plastic than human’.  So, it is a place where people can express … Continue reading

Let it Rain

When I was much younger and much more ‘emotional’ I traveled the NYC subway system to and from college.  The subway was a great way to travel for me at that time.  For 50 cents I could get on one block from my house in the Bronx  and land in … Continue reading