The Angels Among Us


baby consoling

Is it just coincidence that my belief in coincidence has diminished as my trust in God has increased?

I have found that once I accepted salvation, I felt a greater desire to alienate myself from ‘this world’.  Not so much the physical earth, which God created and is beautiful, not so much the people, whom I love and cherish, but more the fact that this is not the place where I (or you), as believers, belong.  So I view this world sometimes with a little disregard – it has become less relevant.  I have also come to realize that because we are still His children and He still cares for us, God is still operating around us, even though this may not be where He dwells.  His intercessions in our lives may not be as direct as in the days of Moses or when Christ walked the earth, but nonetheless His agents of grace are here.  Seeing this for myself,  I now speak less about coincidence and luck and more of God’s will and blessings, blessings delivered by His earthly messengers – the angels among us.

From the long-time friend who comforts you out of a terrible day’s beat down, to the good Samaritan who just happened to have the right tools when your car breaks down, to the gentleman that offers to take your shopping cart back to the depot because he was going that way. (All were blessings that God sent our family recently.)  God is showing us that through belief comes understanding, and through understanding comes vision.  I now see God’s hand in my life and in the lives of those around me in the form of these earthly angels, and it is good.  And I find it more so as my trust in God increases.  And I find that coincidence and luck mean nothing to me.



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