Look Him in the eye and have a little talk.

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The main reason that I believe that God will save all is, I can look Him in the eye and say it. God I have come to believe that for you all things are possible, therefore the salvation of all is possible. If the salvation of all is possible, than the only thing possible, is for God to save all. If He asks me:

“But what about those that never wanted anything to do with me.”  Your judgments will correct them and bring them to righteousness. You are everyone’s heavenly Father and you will chastise all your children until they learn and understand and finally return to you like the prodigal son did.

“What about those who have never even heard of Jesus?”  I don’t quite buy the “they have creation to look at so they have no excuse” line. I know it’s in the bible but how do they get the gospel from living in the back streets of Calcutta and looking at the stars at night?  This is what evangelizing is for and You want us to do that. We are all family and everyone is my brother and sister and You are our Father who loves us and wants all to be saved.

“But what if they suffer all their life and never hear the good news and then die?”  All the suffering that occurs in this life will not compare to the glories to come. It makes me a little teary eyed to think of all the suffering going on in the world and so few people telling the hopeless about You.

“What would you say to them about Me?”  I don’t do a very good job of this, do I? Well I would say…there is hope….maybe first…I should help them with their physical needs first? Show You…then tell about You. Seems a bit hollow to tell a starving man, “God loves you” and do nothing to feed him.  Like Jesus said: so much to do, so little time…something like that. It’s a bit overwhelming.  But then I would say; God ”does” love you and he sent his son to die and save you from sin and death. His son’s name is Jesus and he did exactly as his Father told him to do, SAVE THE WORLD! Come as you are to him and repent of those things in your life that you know that you should not do and follow him.  Something like that…I guess.  What should I do?

“Something.”  Yeeah.

“Back to Me saving everyone, what am I to do with Hell?”  I’m not sure how all that got started, but your book says everyone will be salted with fire, and that you are a consuming fire…..it just seems more right that you are saying that in all of us there are things that needs to be burned up, to purify us, so we will some day be like You and Jesus.

“Why would I send Jesus to die on the cross if all are going to be saved anyway?”  It is because Jesus died on the cross that all are saved. I hate the idea that some seem to have, that Jesus saving a few is wonderful and glorious but saving all is…pointless.

“Is there more to it than that?”  I’m sure there is….what comes to my mind is, for one thing…it takes away any ability for us to take any credit for any portion of our salvation.

“Seems to be a lot of talk about how man must accept Jesus as their savior, if they don’t, they will be forever lost. Isn’t this contributing to their salvation?”  Well you know that I don’t believe that anyone will be forever lost so…Jesus said that no one can come to him unless You drag us to him. I think that You never give up on us, like the Shepard that looks for the lost sheep until he finds it. You will never give up on us and will keep giving us lessons until we figure it out.

‘Hmmm, but what about death? surely it is too late then.”  OH DEATH WHERE IS THY VICTORY!!!  Death is no barrier to You. Besides all will be resurrected someday…so…they won’t be dead….I’m not sure I got that one nailed down yet.

“Yes, the Great White Throne Judgement. This is where I let in the few who followed me on earth and I throw the rest into the lake of fire. Doesn’t sound good for those who didn’t except Jesus!”  As far as I can remember, fire is almost always a good thing for us….the one about the guy who has everything he ever did burned up but he himself was saved, this lake of fire, is that fire. There seems to be a group of people who You have a special assignment for in the next age….and I would like to be a part of that group….I think…but I must confess it’s hard to lay everything on the line and be 100% committed….I pray for help…and sometimes hope I don’t hear You tell me to do something like You used to tell your prophets of old to do!!

“Bryan, I want you to stand on a soap box in front of the theater and proclaim the good news to the people as they come out. Something like that?”  Yep.anyway, for the people that are before the white throne and being judged, I know You will do right, through your judgment the people learn righteousness. It won’t be fun, it will be very hard, but it will be for their good and in the end…EVERY KNEE WILL BOW AND EVERY TONGUE CONFESS, JESUS IS LORD TO YOUR GLORY!!!  


“Yes.” Would you rather be worshipped or hugged?

“What do you think?” Well you are spirit…how do I do that exactly.

“Hug me in spirit.”  Right….Talk to you later.

“Talking to you all the time.”

3 thoughts on “Look Him in the eye and have a little talk.

  1. Yeah, it’s been a few years now for me and when I came to believe it, Christianity no longer was like driving a square peg in a round hole. Smash the word hard enough it’ll fit. Now most things slide into place without force….not that I have everything figured out but my faith now rest easy in knowing God is greater than anything I’ve ever heard for the first 40 some years of my life and I want to tell people about that…..but it does seem not many want to hear it. That’s ok, I know they will some day


    • It came to me once that all we can do as Christians is to live our lives as Jesus would, and hope someone notices just enough to do the same.

  2. The thought that all will be saved was first introduced to me via C.S. Lewis – the thought that God will settle for nothing less than perfection from each of us, no matter what it takes from either Him or us, whether in this life or the next. The change does not end when you die. Eternity is just about the right amount of time for the job…RT

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