The ABC’s of (Salvation) History: Jesus was here!


Most of us at one time or another has stood in the presence of history.  Whether it be some roadside marker or plaque, or in front of a monument or edifice where an epic event took place.  The experience can be inspiring, enlightening or any number of other emotional responses.  I have learned that historical sites fall into one of three categories – an A, B, or C site.  An ‘A’ site is one where there is sufficient evidence and documentation that supports the conclusion that the event took place at a very specific spot.  For instance, the actual spot where Lincoln sat in Ford’s Theater the night of his assassination – that is an ‘A’ site.  A ‘B’ site would be one where we know with certainty that the event took place in the general vicinity of where we might be standing.  If we were to visit Gettysburg, PA we could be certain that the greatest battle of the Civil War took place within yards of some of the spots we might stop.  And finally a ‘C’ site is considered the traditional location for some event, like: Do we know exactly which island and exactly what part of that island Columbus stepped on to shore?  No, but we know that it was in the area of present day San Salvador in the Caribbean.

These same criteria are applied to historical events described in the Bible.  These sites exist exactly as Ford’s Theater, Gettysburg and S. Salvador.  Having now stood at some of the Bible’s cornerstone event locations it is as remarkably overwhelming as I could have imagined.  There is still a physical presence in such a place as to transcend the ages and turn story into history, and legend into fact.  There is a momentary spark of understanding that strikes you dumb.  As you understand that yes, Christ walked on this earth.  OK, I can see the last spot where Lincoln took his last breath, but you can stand where Christ taught on the steps of the Temple, and can sit in the garden where he wept for acceptance on the last night of his earthly life.  Really.  I mean, this is Jesus Christ we are talking about, the Living Son of God Himself!

The experience for me is like how Columbus probably felt when he got back to Spain and told people that you really don’t fall over the edge of the world if you sail west.  So, although you don’t need me to tell you, but God really did walk this earth. I was there and have the pictures to prove it!  🙂  This is the Temple in Jerusalem, the temple steps and the western wall existing as there were during the time of Christ.  My footsteps now with his…really cool.

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