Christ-Eye View


Dali-Ascension-of-ChristSo there is this incredible model in the Israeli National Museum in Jerusalem.  It is a model of the city during the Roman occupation and the time of Jesus Christ.  It is very realistic and built so that you are looking slightly down on it which enables you to see it all – like Google Earth.  It came to me that no one at the time of Christ would have ever gotten exactly the view we had of the model.  They city is built on a hill and so there is no high point that could give you that view…..unless you were a bird, or a bug…..or Jesus being carried up to heaven on His last day on earth.

I guess there was a reason that I took these two videos – they are from the same view point, only the view of the model is about 500 feet higher in scale.  (The golden Dome of the Rock is in the same spot today as the temple is in the model.)

What was He thinking as He ascended?  What would you think as you watched Him ascend?  Tell me.  > Click Here

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