The Benefits of a Good Guide

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There are a lot of good people out there, with very good intentions that come to a point in their spiritual journey where they pick up a bible and start reading.  They believe that this is what they should be doing because it sounds logical and good.  I mean, reading the Bible is an important part of understanding our relationship with God, His Son and one another…and it’s the Word of God for goodness sake!

But navigating through the Bible’s many books and chapters without a guide is a bit like going from JFK to Times Square by subway without a map.  You can probably do it, but you would not like the experience.  Worse yet you may even miss a very important message that could change your life, or change what you thought you believed.  I say this because it was true for me.  For instance, take the subject of Judgment Day: 

There are a lot of Bible-reading Christians, true believers, that still worry about ‘Judgment Day’.  Judgment Day, end times, the second coming… I would be lying if I said that I did not have my own concerns at one time.  But when you read and study the related passages in the proper context, using the proper translations, you come to see that those that believe have already been saved.  A few weeks ago I happened to catch a sermon by a great bible scholar, Creflo Dollar, yes, Creflo Dollar.  I have listened to scores of his teachings and am convinced that this guy knows the scripture.  A true expert in God’s Word, and has obviously spent a lot of time at it.  There were two parts to this sermon regarding why Christian believers need not be concerned with our fate, because we have already been judged.  It is truly a very enlightening bit of revelation all based directly on the actual word of God, his Son and the saints.   So if you would like to get that bit of worry off of your list take the time to watch and listen to the links below.  It will change your life – it changed mine.

Creflo Dollar – Not Guilty:Part One

Creflo Dollar – Not Guilty:Part Two

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