Happy birthdays to be

bingo numbersI never thought about my age much. I guess turning 18 was an event because I could drive, and back then you could also drink legally at 18 in NYC.  Ironic, when you turned 18 you could drink AND drive…how convenient.  And when I turned 21, I could vote.  Ronald Regan was the first President I ever voted for, and it’s been a sharp downhill decline ever since.  Other than those ‘legal’ landmarks I never really gave my age a lot of thought.  But I recently celebrated my 57th birthday.  Not a big deal I guess; and 57’s pretty good from where I am standing.  And that is the thought I had on that day.  If I am fortunate enough, one day I will be able to say, “Boy, I wish I was 57 again.”  So when I’m 75, heck when I’m 58, I may very well wish I was 57 again.  Age, like most things, is relative.  50 is old when your 20 – but ain’t so bad when you’re 75.

The lesson is for me to be happy to have made it this far and this blessed…RT

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