Peeling Onions

This is what I understand it to be like:

Picture an onion.  An onion has many layers or skins.  You peel off these very thin, almost see-thru layers of this world slowly exposing a newer, ‘cleaner’ interior.  An inside that is lighter and brighter, like there is some light deep inside trying to shine through – a glow that is ignited in each of us once we accept the Spirit into our lives.  Each day, with God’s help, we attempt to peel another dirty layer of this world off of our souls – revealing the true ‘being’ .  And, as we peel, we may even cry occasionally saying good bye to another layer of our former selves.  But peel we must.  Peel fast or peel slow – you’ll get the same light.  But the light won’t shine until you peel…..Does any of this jive with what you see it like?

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