Just Passing Through

I never thought about my age much.  I guess turning 18 was an event because I could drive, and back then you could drink legally at 18 in NYC.  Ironic, when you turned 18 you could drink AND drive…how convenient.  And when I turned 21 I could vote.  Ronald Reagan was the first President I ever voted for, and it’s been a sharp downhill decline ever since.  Other than those ‘legal’ landmarks I never really gave my age much thought.  But, I will be celebrating bit of a personal landmark today as I turn 60.  Not a big deal I guess; lots of people make it to 60…glad to have joined that group.

My mom nearly made it to 94.  Now, 90+ is a big deal I would say; one that will give you some perspective.  Even at 60, I would need to stretch out another 34 years!  Pretty sure I’m not up for that.  That would be like living the past 34 years over again starting way back to when I was 26, in 1983…just before getting married, no kids and still working in Manhattan….whoa!  I would need to live those next 34 years with certainly less vigor, less good health, and all the wear and tear that comes with time.  I also would get to see more of the great joys and sorrows that come with living, along with some pretty amazing things – maybe even flying cars?  (Think about the technology of 1983 and where we are today and where we will be in 2051 – anyone got a fax machine or a cassette player?)

There is a reason that while we occupy this earth we don’t get to live forever.  It’s pretty simple in fact.  First of all, who could stand it?  I mean, forever?  There just is something that isn’t right here, and the reason a majority of mankind prays for a better place.  This really isn’t the place we were intended to permanently dwell, and for that matter, neither is under a pile of dirt.  It is merely a crossing. It has to be.  I mean, would God create us and then allow us to age, decay and then no longer be?  Where is the joy in that for Him as the Creator and we as his creations?  We are talking about God here, not some 6-year old with a can of Play-Doh.  So take heart dear present and future members of AARP!  Our true existence is still yet to be!  Regardless the birthday, there is still so much to look forward to for each of us: redemptions, resurrections, reunions, and relentless bliss in our heavenly home town!  Until then my birthday lesson is to just be happy to have made it this far and this blessed

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