Hearts and Minds (and guns)

THE PROBLEM IS NOT GUNS. The problem is EVIL. Mankind has spent its long bloody history murdering one another from the very beginning, and, for the large majority of that time, without guns. (Think about Cain and Abel) I am not a gun owner, but if a gun somehow gives … Continue reading

Heaven on Earth…sort of

What was the largest concert that you ever attended? In 1992, I was part of the crowd at a U2 concert at Meadowlands Stadium (NJ) in 1992.  There were approximately 80,000 fellow fans yelling, screaming, and singing to the wildly popular Irish band fronted by Bono. At one point a … Continue reading

Being True to Your Brand

A very long time ago, when TV had only 13 channels – half of which did not work – the granddaddy of all pick-up lines was “What’s your sign?” (Yes, really, as in zodiac.) These days though, you might be more ‘on point’ with, “What’s your brand?”  Having a brand … Continue reading

Are we being inconsiderate when it comes to reopening our state sooner than later?

Inconsiderate:     1a: HEEDLESS, THOUGHTLESS b: careless of the rights or feelings of others 2: not adequately considered : ILL-ADVISED OK, so anyone that has NEVER been inconsiderate can leave the room…I’ll wait. It seems I’m still here. No surprise. In this case, though, what I’m most interested in is definition 2, the amount of consideration we give … Continue reading

We can do better

Over the past week we have seen examples from both sides of the abortion issue demonstrating that extremes are often irrational. First, a member of the Missouri state legislature used the term ‘consensual rape’ (the epitome of an oxy-moron) during a debate regarding a new anti-abortion law. He later admitted … Continue reading