Hello, God? What are you wearing right now?

tuxedoMy thoughts on personal style have evolved over time to a point where comfort rules above all else.  It’s not that I did not seek out comfort in the clothes I purchased during my life; it’s just that now comfort seems to be the primary concern.  Now, do not confuse comfortable with sloppy.  Being first generation Italian, sloppy is never good outside of the back yard or basement.  I just mean comfortable in that you are not even aware that you are wearing clothes – nothing tight or itchy for sure, but nothing that merits a thought or concern regardless of what you are doing.  Living in Arizona you learn to appreciate comfortable clothing.  “How will I look in this when I begin to sweat?” is a question you probably need to be asking yourself more than most Americans.

Over the past several years I have found that scrubs are pretty comfortable and if purchased in black can be worn for almost every occasion…well at least if you apply my new style sensibility.  They really have come a long way in style and functionality with all those pockets and places to put stuff.  I stick to the scrub pants; only the true medical professionals should be wearing the scrub tops.  Uniqlo makes these very comfortable undergarments – sort of silky – that do well in heat and cold – Heat Tech and Airness, affordable and comfortable.  So, when I find myself not working anymore it will probably be in scrubs and Uniqlo underwear.  I also love my Merrill slip on brown suede shoes.

Do you think God created us all anticipating that we would spend a good part of our time, energy and resources figuring out what we were going to wear each day and sometimes several times a day?  I would think not.  He created a planet with temperate climates which would allow us to survive quite comfortably in just the body He provided.  Unlike the rest of His creations, we have found the need to cover up His work, either through pride (like we could do a better job presently ourselves than God) or because we are not proud of the way we would look without being covered up.  Or more likely out of shame of self (loss of innocence) as the story of Adam and Eve puts it.  In any case, ‘civilized’ man has determined it a priority, even though I am sure that God believes He has made each one of us as beautiful as we ever can be…remember He is our Father.   All kids are good-looking to their parents.

There is a lot of talk these days about body image.  It has become a bit of an obsession among certain age groups in both genders.  God gives you a body, like it or not.  Then what we do with it is sometimes a product of our own doing or of consequences outside of our control. But know with certainty that He is looking way past the physical package into the contents of the soul.  So why should I do anything different?

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