Happy Hollow-days

Christ in Christmas

Ellie was at Wal-Mart today looking for some Thanksgiving decorations for a couple of baskets she is making – Thanksgiving baskets. (I love my wife – going in for her second hand surgery and still will not stop doing what she was created to do – spread love and hospitality.) Now, today is November 17 and Thanksgiving falls on November 28 this year, so that would be 11 days from now. So, she was shocked to see that most of the Thanksgiving themed merchandise had already been put away! And we haven’t even had a chance to give thanks! She said that it was full blown Christmas-land.

Does anyone else think that is strange? Maybe not strange so much as diabolical? I mean what does the holiday mean when we are not even given an opportunity to celebrate it through anticipation? Like, quick, let’s get Thanksgiving over already so we can focus our attention on the real selling season – Christmas! (That is even more of a joke.) So, I thought that I would also jump the gun a little bit this year with my own hollow-day rant.

Now, if you stop to think strictly from a spiritual point of view (which is the reason, you remember, we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas) you need to ask, ‘who has the most to gain if mankind turns these holy-days into hollow-days: God or satan? ‘ The answer is pretty obvious. Get people to rush through the season, have them focus on the gifting and receiving and the stress associated with all that. (Click here to see my rant from last year about this.) Cloud their minds with images of the food, drink, gifts, Santa, snowmen, reindeer, turkeys, etc., and never mention God, or the Christ part for the season. Who do you think is lovin’ that? Our good ole boy – Lucifer. Satan is brilliant, the greatest of all of the angels. And subtle, he knows he has time on his side – slowly but oh so surely suck the Spirit out of our celebration and make it become more of a hassle than a joy. …And where do you think the inspiration came from for the term, ‘Xmas’? Jesus is the Christ, not the X.

This is where I end…you know what to do – see it for what it is and spit in the devil’s eye this year. And, if you see me, I would prefer a greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’ over ‘happy holidays’.


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  1. You won’t see me but I stop by your blog once in a while. Have a good Thanksgiving and a Very Merry Christmas.

    Lakes are freezing over.

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