Free Eats!

FreeEver several months or so I am presented with a sermon that is so valuable to hear that I feel the need to share it with as many people as possible.  You need to hear this sermon by Creflo Dollar.  Take a leap of faith in my judgment and spend the 20 minutes that will explain everything that you need to understand about Christianity.

<Click here> It will be a revelation to you on some level, I guarantee it.  (You will get the blog title if you take the time to view it – RT)


3 thoughts on “Free Eats!

  1. Sorry friend, a Hell believer can never give the full and glorious good news.
    1. When Jesus died, he DID NOT keep on living?… in Hell?
    If I give you 25 verses that describe death as or is; sleep, silent, the dead know nothing, no remembrance, our body’s returning to dust and the spirit returning to the father who gave it and you see the passage in Peter, do you throw out all the other scriptures??? you do if you believe in hell.

    I got to go to work now. There is some good points made but there is so much that is still wrong that it would take several pages to point them all out. Can’t indorse.

    You don’t have to put in the “leave a comment section” if you don’t want.

    -25 degrees this morning

    • Why wouldn’t I leave it in the comment section? It’s a comment. I have no claim to expertise beyond what I find to be true in my heart, and what is revealed to me by God through his many sources…
      Christ descended into hell and on the third day He rose again…there is scripture that indicates that is the case. But I do not preoccupy myself with hell. I couldn’t care less about it. My only concern is my non-belief and reducing that in any way that I can…death, hell, dust, worm-food – it’s all the same to me in that it’s not eternity with God the Father. Why would I concern myself with any other alternative now that I know the glorious good news…RT

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