And now a word about satan…

satan1There is a widely used phrase these days among Christians that we are Christ’s hands and feet.  In short, that it is up to us to continue Christ’s work here on earth using our own physical effort and personal resources.  We manifest Christ here on earth by our actions. There is a line of thought that the same applies for satan.  Basically that satan is not manifested in any physical form at this time in history other than by you or me; manifested at the very point when we decide to become Its hands and feet.  Now, I believe that every one of us hears from satan every day.  It (satan is an ‘It’ to me) is pervasive in that It takes up occupancy in us from birth (think original sin). It knows us intimately. It knows what we want and what we want to hear. It helps to form our justifications and our prejudices. It also knows how to work you in particular because, It’s in there. And It ain’t going anywhere any time soon.  There is a contrary belief that satan is hiding behind a bush or a tree and It is going to sneak up and make our lives miserable.  I’m coming to believe that satan is only working within us. (So stop looking around for dudes with horns and hooves, and puffs of smoke.)

Let’s take it to the extreme – let’s say that each and every being on this planet (through their own free will) lived a single day by basing each decision and action on the philosophy of ‘what would Jesus do?’  Where would satan be then? It may be in the past or the future but It wouldn’t be here on that day. And what happens if we were all able to do that for a week, then a year…it’s the individual battle where either good or evil prevails, grasshopper…(remember the 60’s bumpersticker ‘what if they declared a war and no one showed up?’)

So thankfully, the news in not all bad. At the least we know where It lives. The sooner you understand that even though satan, the devil, the dark side, evil force or whatever, is not around us but in us we understand that we have a say in giving It life. We decide to listen, then succumb to a subtle steady drone until say, abortion becomes an acceptable alternative, or, an abrupt shout that slaps a face. But in the end it is we who manifest satan on earth. The Really Good News is that this is how we also manifest Jesus.  Christ also dwells within and through His spirit we can choose to succumb to His mercy and His model.  It is we who cause either of the two to live among us…so learn how to work that to our advantage…and always remember satan is all talk and no action without you.

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