Old Enough

young MaryOne mistake most of us make is to talk to young people as if they can’t comprehend the deep stuff like God and a relationship with Christ, when in reality they are around the same age as Mary when she became the mother of Jesus, and David when he slew Goliath…let that sink in a minute.  The images to the left might look like a couple of kids you would see at a mall, but on closer inspection: God’s holy vessel and the King of Israel.  So if God believes that a teenager can deal with the deep stuff, why don’t we?

One thought on “Old Enough

  1. Maybe over time we have tried to protect the innocence of a child, calling them a child til age 18, not 12. Society has evolved over time and over time these little innocent girls have been violated, or maybe they always were, but it was just not put out there for people to read, til more modern days. I know one thing, my 12 year old is more mature than most adults I know and could certainly handle a lot of information, and she is already in church school. They go into full details about the blood on the cross, etc. My 12 year old totally gets it.

    One theory I have read about maturity, making decisions, and being able to comprehend things, which makes sense to me, is about the human brain. I have read that it does not fully develop til around age 23 to 25, which explains why people don’t “find themselves” many times til they are past this age, or maybe they can’t fully process information on a rational level til then.

    One thing I know is, I trust the innate abilities of the mature teen, especially my girls, but I too, like modern society, would like her to be a bit more masked until she is able to fully blossom from the seed from which she came…. my womb. They are still young and I will guide her to God’s promise, trying to teach her each day, but honestly, this is already built in them, stemming from their conception, in my opinion.

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