The Devil’s Bad Day

During a recent YouTube journey I came across the classic recording of the Beatles, All You Need is Love.  The recording was originally part of a worldwide live broadcast called Our World which took place on June 25, 1967.  (Remember? 🙂  It’s only been 50 years!)  As I watched and … Continue reading

Bird Song

Submitted by Eizzle: Before we left it was a pretty typical morning. I had brushed my teeth and shaved, and Yodee was patiently waiting for me to finish so we could go on our walk. We left the apartment about 4:00am. It was dark out, of course, as usual, probably … Continue reading

Be a Good Do-bee

I was cruising through some playlists last week and came across a newer version of the Doobies doing Jesus is Just Alright.  Great song all around – really showcases the individual talents of the band members…When I watched the older version which was contemporary with the song’s release back in … Continue reading

A Divine Playlist

When my brother passed away a few years back, we played some Steely Dan music at his wake.  He was a big fan and I think it helped the friends and family that knew this about him.  It got me to thinking at the time about what kind of music … Continue reading